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July 30th, 2015

09:40 am - Anybody doing Fringe this year?
Even just a little?

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July 13th, 2015

09:38 am - Looking for plumber recommendation ASAP
We're heading out of town tomorrow to help Amber move, and our kitchen sink has sprung a leak. I'm desperately trying to find a reliable, honest plumber who is available today to fix it before we leave. Probably going to be impossible, but I'm making calls.

Backup plan - wrap the pipe with plumbing tape for a temporary fix and get the plumber in after we come back in late July. Still could use a recommendation.  Anybody?

[ETA] After several fruitless calls I finally found a plumber who was able to fit us in today and had good reviews on Yelp:  Uptown Plumbing. They're supposed to be here between 3 and 5. Here's hoping they show up, since we're on a plane to San Jose at 7am tomorrow.

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June 27th, 2015

04:33 pm - Whirling Dervish Baby
So a couple of weeks ago, Lena suddenly learned how to do everything at once - pull to stand, push to sit,  crawl, roll over. She is now a non-stop tornado baby, charging around the living room on her hands and knees from toy to toy and trying to stand up on anything more than a foot tall. Never a good sleeper, she now has a new sleep disturbance. On the plus side, she no longer has to sleep on her back like an infant - she can roll into any position she likes. She seems to prefer sleeping on her side. But if she accidentally rolls onto her tummy during the night she automatically pushes up to her hands and knees, churns over to the side of the crib, and pulls herself to stand, all without really waking up. Then she wakes her parents up crying because she's only half awake and can't stop crawling, or is stranded in a standing position. It's not easy being an Energizer Bunny.

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June 24th, 2015

10:16 pm - Jurassic World - my review
Had me a raptor and her name was Blue,
But never forget she's a predator too.
Old Blue never do me any harm,
But this morning she ate my boss's arm.

Hey, Bluuuu-uuu-uuee,
You're a predator too.

Now Blue's the leader of the raptor pack,
And whatever they hunt ain't comin' back.
Heard the raptors hiss and I ran to see,
They was chasin' a critter as big as a tree.

Hey, Bluuuu-uuu-uuee,
You're a predator too.

Old Blue's a credit to her sex,
Decided to bag an Indominous Rex.
Indominous Rex is fierce as a lion,
Sent those velociraptors flyin'.
They fought that monster right down to the shore,
Thank God the park had a Mosasaur.

Hey, Bluuuu-uuu-uuee,
Bit off more'n you c'd chew.

Blue's raptor pack all died with a hiss,
Thank God for parthenogenesis.
Hope Blue comes back with her babies too
When it's time for Jurassic World Two.

Hey, Bluuuu-uuu-uuee,
You old predator, you.

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June 21st, 2015

02:02 pm - Bees! There are bees in my yard! All is not lost.
The lawn has not been mowed in quite a while, and it is full of clover bloom. And the clover blossoms are full of bees! Honeybees! I thought of calling Josh to come take a decent picture of this little fella, but this is good enough to prove it's really a honeybee, right?

150621_bees02 150621_bees01

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June 17th, 2015

09:04 pm - Little Lena goes into high gear
So last Thursday she pulled herself to stand for the first time.

On Friday she figured out how to go from tummy to sitting up all by herself.

On Monday she learned how to crawl. Adorable video here. I particularly like the skeptical looks she gives her mother as she encourages her to just "go get that toy."  (Surely you jest. That thing must be a good 10, 12 inches away!)

And byTuesday, the world is pretty much her oyster. Her parents better get going with that baby-proofing.

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June 11th, 2015

09:33 pm - Onward and upward! Especially upward.
Little Lena (just turned 7 months) discovers that there is another phase of uprightness beyond sitting unsupported. She just skipped past two or three typical baby milestones to go right to this one - pulling herself to stand. And my goodness, is she pleased with herself!

  150611_standingup01 150611_standingup03 150611_standingup02

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June 6th, 2015

08:35 pm - This is for you, Emily
Poppa Needs Shorts

A short short story that I remember fondly from the grand old days of Analog. Every story had to make a point in those days, and this one came with the caption,

"Given valid data, you can reach completely wrong conclusions. But given a wrong conclusion, you can still get a right answer!"

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May 25th, 2015

08:41 pm - News of the Day - Pedal Pub Pirates in downtown Minneapolis!
This is why I still subscribe to my local paper - you would truly hate to miss out on a story like this.

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03:14 pm - Warning! Cuteness overdose
150524_MomHat01 150524_MomHat02 150524_MomHat03
Click through for full-size pics,if you think you can stand it.

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May 20th, 2015

09:52 pm - News flash! Baby sits up!
Okay, even proud grandparents realize that all babies do this stuff. But has there ever been a baby that wanted SO MUCH to accomplish this particular milestone?

Here's Little Lena at two weeks of age, having used her Jedi mind powers to induce her Grandpa to prop her up so she could stare at her favorite lamp. Note that she is already holding her head steady on her own. She loves to be upright.
Here she is at 2 months, gamely trying to keep from sinking out of sight in an upright play chair that is miles too big for her. No complaints from her though - she's sitting up!
At 3 months she really appreciates the Bumbo Chair, a cleverly designed plastic baby seat that is damn near impossible for baby to fall out of. At this point she still needs the back support, but she appears very much at ease.
At 4 months she discovers her abs, and is no longer willing to stay in the recumbent pose demanded by most baby furniture. Amber reports that she did crunches until she sat herself up, at which point she appeared VERY pleased with herself. Still needs rolled up blankets for side support, though.
Here she is at almost 5 months, clearly extremely proud of her progress. Now she is completely supporting her upper body with her powerful trunk muscles, but still needs her hands down at her sides for balance.
Still likes that bumbo chair, but no longer needs the back support (thanks to vgqn for the wonderful picture).
At 6 months, she's finally made it to Baby Nirvana! Now that she no longer needs to keep her hands down for balance she can use them both for playing with her toys. She is particularly happy in this picture because somebody finally gave her a toy that can be torn apart and the pieces thrown all over the room. And now she can use both hands to do it! Life is good.

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May 11th, 2015

07:12 pm - Ex Machina is brilliant
... although a little disturbing. If all you know is that it's about a young programmer and an AI/robot who might be falling in love you might expect a romantic comedy. Not. It's actually more of a psychological thriller. Meticulously written, perfectly acted, and beautiful to look at. Definitely worth seeing in a theater. $5 and change at the 4pm matinee. 

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April 21st, 2015

10:11 pm - What should I watch?

So I signed up for a free month of Hulu Plus, more or less on a whim, because I wanted to watch "Last Man on Earth."  After a few episodes, I think I've had enough of that (clever setup but way too heavy on the potty humor). I've got 28 more free days here - what should I watch?

I checked out "Community" and enjoyed the first few episodes. Laurel, I looked for "Person of Interest," but it's not here. It's not anywhere, as far as I can tell. Not on Netflix, not on Amazon Prime. Not sure how anybody watches it?

I was hoping to find the current season of "Orphan Black," but no luck there. Oh, look, "Jane the Virgin." I've heard that's good. But... only the most recent 5 episodes???  WTF?  How exactly is this service supposed to be worth $8/month?  There's a limited list of shows with full seasons available, but there doesn't seem to be any way to search them except to scroll through big colored icons in what appears to be random order. The search engine mostly turns up links to network websites. Well, at least I won't be tempted to continue this subscription. In the meantime, I guess I'll just keep watching "Community," unless somebody's got a better suggestion.

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April 17th, 2015

09:30 pm - Surprisingly good little movie
Having finished the latest Netflix series I was working through, I found myself adrift last night. Netflix still fails pretty much all the time in their attempts to predict movies that I would like ("Trailer Park Boys"??? Seriously, Netflix?). But I am increasingly amused by their batty ideas for sorting their offerings into theme collections. My absolute favorite, just as a concept, was "Movies watched by Tobias Funke on Arrested Development." Not that I had any interest in watching any of them, but the idea was hilarious.

Several collections down the line from that I ran into a little gem called "In a World."  It's a charming, surprisingly subtle indie movie about a young woman trying to deal with the burden of being the daughter of the world's greatest living voiceover talent. You could call it a romcom, but I wouldn't because the romance is a relatively minor part of the plot. It's more of a coming-of-age story. It's funny and heart-warming and has a lot of family drama/comedy in it. But it's also about how we present ourselves and judge others (and the mistakes we make in both) with particular focus on the voice. Since it's about a family of voiceover artists, after all. It's also about feminism and female empowerment, so it  triumphantly sails through the Bechdel test. And  it has the adorable Demetri Martin cast in the boy next door role, which he aces. The rest of the casting is also pretty brilliant for a teeny tiny little Sundance film by a brand new filmmaker. Highly recommended. 

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April 16th, 2015

10:41 pm - Tried a new restaurant - Pig & Fiddle * * * *
Rewards Dining Network does it again! If you register your credit cards with them, you can earn frequent flyer points in various programs by eating at participating restaurants. The catch is that their restaurant list is fairly limited. But they tend to pick the type of restaurant we enjoy - locally owned brew pubs, boutiques and other places I'd characterize as "high end casual." Quirky, chef-driven and medium expensive (especially if you have a weakness for ordering drinks and appetizers).

Pig & Fiddle fits the mold. It characterizes itself as a "gastropub." Limited menu with a British Pub theme, but everything we had was delicious. To start with, they have my favorite beer: Young's Double Chocolate Stout. We split an order of Apricot Samosas, which were exquisite (and quite filling, even half an order). Their signature burger is dressed with mushrooms, carmelized onions and bleu cheese. The chef is apparently so sure that this is the best possible burger that they don't even list other variations on the menu. It really is good. Richard ordered Bubble and Squeak (which is Britspeak for "fried leftovers with a poached egg on top"), but the P&F version is much more refined than that. Still a little gloppy, but good.

It's at 50th & France. Pleasant atmosphere, lots of wood and stone in the interior, manages to feel both cozy and roomy at the same time. I like that there's a separate dining room beyond the bar. Thursday evening is a great time to go - not empty, but plenty of room for walk-ins. Highly recommended - I'd go back.
150416_Pig-n-Fiddle00 150416_Pig-n-Fiddle12 150416_Pig-n-Fiddle13
Apricot Samosas - yum!                                             Bubble & Squeak                                                  Eponymous Bar Burger
150416_Pig-n-Fiddle17 150416_Pig-n-Fiddle18 150416_Pig-n-Fiddle19
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April 10th, 2015

05:32 pm - Minicon 50 - Yowza!
So Minicon 50 happened, and it was a huge success. I admit that I was skeptical of the plan to make a big deal out of Minicon 50, expand to 4 days, invite twice the usual number of GoHs, massively increase membership, etc. I was wrong. All that happened and it worked out great. We doubled our membership, and finally had enough people so we didn't rattle around in the hotel. There were a few glitches along the way, but no big disasters. Pretty much everybody seemed to be having a great time, including the impressive number of Minicon first-timers, and the GoHs went home happy.

I ended up spending much more time working on Programming than I had planned, so I didn't actually have time to ATTEND much of anything: just Opening/Closing Ceremonies and music performances. But as far as I could tell, programming went very well. Ever since we got small, Minicon has had a perpetual problem (which I have been guilty of contributing to) of scheduling too much programming for the size of the con. This year I think the ratio was just about right. There were a few items that overflowed the programming space allotted, and a few items that were sparsely attended, but most of the ones I looked in on were just Goldilocks-perfect. I heard many comments from people who had been on panels or in the audience that support this. Terms like "energy" and "enthusiastic" came up a lot.

The "First Minicon" ribbons were a great idea. I made a point of talking to as many new attendees as possible, and I know a lot of others did the same. All the newbies that I talked with seemed to be having a blast and said they would be back next year. I asked how they heard about Minicon and why they decided to attend this year, and the answers were all over the map. Cats Laughing was a bigger draw for people returning after some years away. But some of the first-timers came for the Cats, including one who came all the way from Atlanta. Several people cited specific GoHs (typically Brandon or Larry). But a surprising number couldn't quite seem to put their finger on why they came this year. They said things like, "Because it was local" or "We were looking for a family activity over Easter Break."  One family saw a flyer or heard someone talking about it at Con of the North. A woman who was introduced to me as "Ruth Anderson's 8th grade teacher" said she came because Dave and Elizabeth Clement were driving down from Winnipeg and she could ride with them. But they drive down from Winnipeg nearly every year - why THIS year? She wasn't sure. It just seemed like a good idea for some reason.

What about you? Did anybody share with you why they decided to attend Minicon for the first time this year, or why they came back after years of not attending? How many of them do you think will come back next year?

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March 29th, 2015

05:06 pm - Finished "The Golem and the Jinni"
It was very good. Thanks to whomever recommended it to me (Lydy, maybe?).

I read it on my Kindle. It's available in e-book format from the HCLIB, and the waitlist wasn't terribly long. Recommended.

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March 27th, 2015

07:32 pm - New Years Resolution 33.3% accomplished
I was tired of making resolutions that were hard, so Thorin and I agreed on a joint resolution for 2015. We vowed to rewatch all 3 of the "Back to the Future" movies together (in celebration of the fact that 2015 was The Future in the second movie).

None of them were available on streaming Netflix, but we still pay for a single-disc option, so why not use it?  Anyway, we watched the first movie a few nights ago.It held up really well. It was a little more of a kids' movie than I had remembered, but that doesn't stop it from being one of the great movie comedies of all time. Definitely one to keep in mind if you ever find yourself casting about for a good family movie to share with kids aged 8-13. It's funny, heartwarming, and has a wholesome but not totally sappy message. And while "thought-provoking" might be putting it a little strongly, the plot is meatier than the average comedy. It also features great use of sound. I'm pretty sure that it fails the Bechdel Test, however.

Back to the Future II is next on the queue.

Fun fact. When they made the first movie they actually weren't planning a sequel. What appears to be a plug for the next movie was actually just intended as a final joke. The director says they would have done that part a little differently if they had really thought it through, and they ended up having to work around the setup.

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March 20th, 2015

10:55 pm - World's Cutest Grandbaby gets even cuter
  150303_Saucer   150201_Lena_96

I know, it hardly seems possible, but as she approached 3 months she got even more adorable than she was before. Still no hair, but that 1000-megawatt smile makes hair irrelevant. But (full disclosure) all that cuteness has its price. This baby has no off-switch. As long as she's awake she's in motion. And most of what she wants to do with her time requires big people to carry her around, stand her up, or smile at her. A few still pictures are inadequate to capture the essence of the roaring flame that is Baby Lena. For the baby-curious, I've put up a couple of new albums on Google+ that include multi-photo sequences. If you can't see these, let me know and I'll add you to a circle or whatever.

Lena #5 World's Cutest
Lena #6 Flirting With Grandpa

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11:29 am - You don't know what you got 'til it's gone... *sob*
For years, Ry Krisp has been my go-to "healthy diet" cracker. I don't know if it's really all that good for you, but with the cardboard texture and the rye-flour bite, it SEEMS like it must be. Over the years I got really fond of Ry Krisp. Some people learn to hate their favorite diet foods, but I have the opposite reaction. Anything that I eat when I'm really hungry tastes so good! A few pieces of Ry Krisp really perks up a salad, and it goes great with cottage cheese. Or any kind of cheese, actually.

I had no idea that Ry Krisp was manufactured in Minneapolis. And even if I had known that, I would have assumed that it had long ago been folded into Nabisco or something and had factories in North Carolina or Uruguay. But no - apparently it's never been anything but a Minneapolis specialty. And now IT'S GONE!!!

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March 14th, 2015

11:01 pm - Homeless
Yesterday I packed up my office at work and brought home 10 years worth of old calendars, office supplies and random junk. No, still not retired. I keep waiting to get laid off as promised, but keep getting extended. However, my entire division has now been turned out of our building in Shakopee (on VERY short notice) because some genius at corporate HQ decided that the tax writeoff for letting the building stand empty was worth more than anything we could possibly contribute by continuing to work there.

So we spent the last 6 weeks frantically redesigning our huge labs to take up 60% less space, unracking everything and stacking it on pallets to be shipped to California, and throwing out thousands of dollars worth of equipment that didn't make the cut (very painful for frugal Minnesotans). The last truck left the building on Friday the 13th (what could go wrong?). They issued us all laptops and docking stations and sent us off to work from home. I plugged in the laptop and ascertained that I could access the VPN, but I still haven't figured out how to set up my office so I can switch easily between computers. So instead, I spent the day trying to integrate the influx of office supplies and an entire desk drawer pharmacy into the ambient clutter. My office is cleaner, but desk in the sewing room is completely covered with boxes of pens, pencils, markers, and highlighters. I'm not sure if that is progress or not.

It was sad to say goodbye to the co-workers I will rarely see again, but confusing. We kept falling into those old goodbye patterns - "It's been great working with you - maybe we'll run into each other again" and then remembering that we supposedly are still working together.  It's been a weird week.
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March 1st, 2015

12:28 am - It's white and gold
Obviously and unambiguously. I would think this whole thing was a joke if someone in MY VERY HOUSEHOLD didn't see it as blue and black.

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January 20th, 2015

09:48 pm - Lena and the Mobile
Amber's cousin Jill and her husband visited them last weekend, and somehow after Jill and Jay left they had a new crib. I think Jill had been delegated by the Tatge family to buy a group gift for the baby and that's what happened. Jill took some great pictures, including pictorial proof that even though Little Lena has learned to smile and laugh she still has an array of more serious expressions featuring her very mobile eyebrows. But the knockout pictures were Lena watching the rotating mobile mounted on her new crib.

If you're really into this, you don't want to miss the movie version (last item in the gallery). There is apparently one angle on that mobile that Lena especially loves, and you can see her anticipating it coming 'round again and then exploding into laughter when it does. Towards the end of the video she is starting to reach out toward the mobile with her left hand (obviously having no idea how far away from her it is).
150118_Lena_Mobile03   150118_LenaLaughs01 150118_Lena_Mobile01150118_NewCrib02

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January 17th, 2015

07:03 pm - Two more cute pictures
Now that she's 2 months old, Lena is starting to work towards reaching and grasping. Newborns have a grasping reflex, but can't control their hands voluntarily. Most of the time their little hands are in loose fists, and they usually move both arms in unison (usually out and back in, or up over the head and then back to the chest). At 2 months they develop the ability to open and flex their hands and move each hand independently. It's the first step towards the classic baby objective of grabbing everything they see and sticking it in their mouths. Not so coincidentally, at the same time they suddenly become much more interested in toys, especially ones that are within grasping distance. Lena hasn't gotten very far with the hand control, but is now quite fascinated by this line of baby toys suspended across her car seat. These pictures are so cute: you should really click through to see them full size. In the first one you can see that she is very focused on the toys and is batting at them with an open hand. In the second one she seems to be saying, "Thanks for the new toys, Mom and Dad."
150116_LenaToys02 150116_LenaToys01

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January 16th, 2015

11:46 pm - She is mighty, but she is still small
Here are some pictures of teeny little Lena (not quite 2 months) doing things that most babies don't do until 3 or 4 or 5 months: mini-pushups, rolling over, and trying to stand up and walk at every opportunity. She is very strong and very determined. The reason she learned how to roll over was because her silly parents kept insisting on "tummy time" when she would rather be on her back.
150108-tummytime 150106_rollover

141228_Lena_Amber_cropped 150110_2month_66

So even though she is considerably younger than the target age they decided to let her try the Exersaucer bouncy toy. Here we see that no matter how strong and determined you are, sometimes you just aren't big enough.
150116_ExerciserSaucer01 150116_ExerciserSaucer02 150116_ExerciserSaucer03

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December 23rd, 2014

12:12 am - New Grandbaby pictures
Lena has adorably turned 6 weeks old right here at our house, and right on cue she is learning the art of the "social smile."  This big smile took a lot of work. To see how it's done, check out the Google+ gallery here.

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December 10th, 2014

10:28 pm - Looking to borrow bassinet, cradle, baby seat or tiny manger
Amber is coming home for Christmas and bringing the little one. We'll need a small baby container for her to sleep in next to her mother's bed. Since she'll probably have outgrown it by the next time she visits, I'd rather borrow than buy.

We'll also need a car seat, if anyone has one to lend. If we can't borrow one, we'll probably buy a convertible one that will be good for several years. Anybody have any recommendations for a good brand, preferably one that will fit comfortably in the middle of the back seat of a small car?  I've looked online and the number of choices is overwhelming. 

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December 6th, 2014

04:33 pm - Changing horses in mid-stream
I must admit that while reading an older baby-development book I started to have some sympathy for the modern concept of alternating "he" and "she" in such books. I was reading bits aloud to the new parents and found that swapping "she" for "he" made it seem a lot more relevant to the new parents of a baby girl.

But here's how to carry things too far.

"When your baby is rear-facing, adjust the straps so they're threaded through the slots at or below his shoulder level, says Jennifer Stockburger, vehicle and child-safety program manager at Consumer Reports' Auto Test Center, in East Haddam, Connecticut. Otherwise, she could be injured or ejected in a crash."

What, the baby boy is okay but JENNIFER might be injured? Huh? Really, people, I think it's okay to stick with a single pronoun for at least the duration of a thought. If you can't stomach that, go back to the Victorian English convention and just say "it."


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December 5th, 2014

02:15 pm - Rain in the Plane is worth 4,000 Skymiles
As we started our flight back from San Jose on Wednesday it was raining outside the plane (actually pretty remarkable in California at this point). But even more remarkable, as soon as the plane left the runway, water started pouring out of the overhead console onto me and the other aisle-seat passengers just ahead of me. Not just a few drops of condensation, but a heavy stream of water that completely soaked the left sleeve of my cotton travel shirt. Most unpleasant. It also alarmed a few people who were convinced that there was a hole in the shell of the plane letting in the rain. I wasn't too worried about that, but did not like getting soaked. After two tries on the call button a flight attendant came along and opened the overhead bin, looking for errant water bottles. Not finding a likely culprit she said it must be condensation from the A/C, and left me with nothing but a linen napkin to try to dry myself. This didn't help much, so I just turned on the overhead air blower and shivered until I dried off.

It wasn't the worst airplane calamity ever, but I figured it might be worth trying to get a little recompense for my pain and suffering. So I went to the Delta site and filled out the online "compliment/complaint" form (like they ever get COMPLIMENTS). Within 2 hours I had an email response apologizing for my dreadful experience and offering me 4,000 Skymiles as compensation. Thank you, Delta!

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November 28th, 2014

11:24 am - Little Lena - new skills for week 3
As Little L moves into her 3rd week of life she is not only growing, but learning.  Here's some new skills documented yesterday. First, look how well she can balance her giant anime head now (at least when she is wide awake). In this picture she has actually TURNED her head to look at the window, all by herself!

Here we see the newborn standing/walking reflex in action. At this age they can't support their weight on those spindly little legs, but if you help them out they can push back against a firm surface and even make little walking movements. This reflex disappears a few months after birth, but comes back as volitional movement when it's time to start standing and walking.
Lena_Nov27_889a Lena_Nov27_889

Probably the most exciting - she is starting to pay attention to toys. This Baby Einstein Radio plays music and displays a pattern of flashing lights. You would think it would be impossible to ignore. But just the day before she showed little interest in it. Yesterday she stared at it every time it was presented and even waved her arms as if she was trying to reach towards it. This means it is now possible to PLAY with her!  Fun.

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November 27th, 2014

06:14 pm - But wait! There's more!
For those of you who simply cannot get enough baby cuteness.

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05:45 pm - Baby pictures online (I think)
I created a Picasa album of Lena's first two weeks and "Shared" it, but I really have no idea if I did it right. Picasa now runs through Google+, which I find totally inscrutable. The link is here. Can you see it?

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November 23rd, 2014

11:03 am - Sleeping Baby #1
One of the things grandparents do is simply stare at their sleeping grandbaby for minutes on end. Richard will hold or rock her for HOURS, but my attention span isn't that long, so I eventually start things like the Sleeping Baby Vine Project. It turns out that sleeping babies are more entertaining than you might think. They spend about half their sleep time in the baby version of REM sleep, which looks something like this. As they sleep they repeatedly run through their entire repertoire of facial expressions, from grimace to frown to smile. Then they stretch all the large muscles in their bodies, flutter their eyelids tentatively and fall back into deep sleep. This is just a small sample of the expression repertoire. Don't miss the adorable "coo" at about second #5!

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November 22nd, 2014

10:18 pm - Best grandbaby ever
Every day I plan to post some pictures but then the next day comes and there are more pictures and I never get caught up. So here's some random cute pictures of Baby Lena, aged 2 days to 12 days. The first shot is a 2-day old Lena responding to her first stroller ride with a typical "WTF??" expression. In the next picture she has matured into a criminally cute week old cherub, followed by what appears to be a hungover college kid passed out in the corner. But she recovers from her early dissipated phase to become a political activist, and eventually a modern dance instructor. Who knows what the next week will bring?
Lena_486_nov12 Lena_604_nov18 8 Lena_750_nov22FiLena_652_nov19 Lena_762a_nov22

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November 10th, 2014

06:55 pm - Introducing Lena Tatge Laster

6 lb 13 oz, 19". Scorpio



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11:17 am - The Eaglet has Landed!!
Amber's baby is here!  

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November 9th, 2014

10:48 pm - Amber's in labor!!
After a day of early labor, things have speeded up considerably - contractions now 6 minutes apart. They'll probably be heading for the hospital within an hour or two. Or more. Or less. You know, depending on how things go.

She's a few days ahead of her Official Due Date (Nov 14). Which isn't a problem medically, but sadly we bet the wrong way and made our reservations to fly out there for Nov 12. *gnashing of teeth*  I really wanted to be there for her, but it's hard to make travel plans around an event that can easily be plus or minus two weeks. I'm sure they'll all be just fine, but I wish I were there...

On the other hand, it appears that the nurses in her hospital are planning to go on strike on Tuesday (!!!) so Monday is probably the right time to get this over with.

It's going to be a long night.
Current Mood: anxiousanxious

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November 5th, 2014

07:50 pm - Election Night *sigh*
On the other hand, Minneapolis did pass the two referendums.

And Minnesota demonstrated in the 7th and 8th Congressional Districts that just flat out buying an election with boxcar loads of out of state partisan money is not as easy as it sounds.

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October 26th, 2014

04:19 pm - Looking for a used van? Watch this space
Since I am (ostensibly) about to retire, I'd like to trade in our old van for a more reliable newer model: something I'd feel comfortable taking on long road trips. And (increasingly important with each passing year) a van where all the back seats fold into the floor. Which makes the choice really simple - it's gonna be a new or almost-new Grand Caravan SE.

Now that I know what I want, I could wait until next year or do something impulsive. If I found a buyer for the old van, I'd probably take the impulsive route. Otherwise, probably wait until next year when we weren't in the middle of a bunch of other projects and events. So this is sort of a trial balloon.

Old van is a 2000 Plymouth Voyager with a high-end trim package for the time: driver-side sliding door, center console with compass/trip computer, plushy seats. It's dented and dinged and has mis-matched pieces, but is not badly rusted. About 200,000 miles. Good mechanical condition for its age. Repair records available for the 7 years we've owned it, and maybe before that.

According to Kelley Blue Book, resale value in Fair-to-Good condition is about $1100. That sounds about right to me. If anybody is even a little bit interested, let me know. 

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October 24th, 2014

04:05 pm - 35,000 tanks
That's the estimated number of abandoned underground fuel oil tanks in the metro area. Yikes! So anybody who thinks that Dean's Tanks is limiting their future by doing only one thing (residential fuel oil tank removal) should think again. And if you happen to have one in your back yard, these are the guys to call.

I know that hiring a contractor is supposed to involving painstakingly interviewing multiple candidates and choosing among competing estimates. But so far in our oil-to-gas boiler conversion, the first one was so obviously the right one that I just hired them on the spot. Pete the Boiler Guy and the Asbestos Abatement firm formerly known as Aardvark really were just perfect, so I'm trying for a hat trick. Just one look at the Dean's Tank web page makes it clear that we're talking about another little family-owned business that has been doing one thing for decades and takes pride in doing that thing really really well.

Anyway, I called the number and got Doug, the owner (Dean was his father). He just happened to be in the neighborhood doing another estimate, so he came right over. Took a few measurements and concluded that the tank runs under the backyard retaining wall and would be impossible to remove without wrecking the yard. Which makes it a perfect candidate for "in-place abandonment." That requires a removal waiver from the city inspector, but no problem - Doug works with him all the time and was sure it would be no problem.

The estimated price sounded very reasonable, considering it includes $500 worth of permits, removing and recycling the oil in the tank, removing all filler pipes, and even patching the basement floor after they dig the fuel line out of it. So I said sure - when can you start?

20 minutes after he left, Doug called back. He's already gotten approval from the city inspector, sight unseen. So I guess he was serious when he said the inspector trusts his judgment. If the permits come through without delay he hopes to have it done in the next two weeks. 

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October 16th, 2014

05:18 pm - Typo of the day

"There are a lot of great qualities that define the United States, but chief among them is the Constitution. The country’s founders pieced together one of the most timeless and endearing governmental contracts ever written"

Read more: http://wallstcheatsheet.com/business/10-states-most-dependent-on-the-federal-government.html/?a=viewall#ixzz3GKTBLXPJ

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October 7th, 2014

10:06 pm - Mixed messages much?
While waiting for a prescription at CVS today I noticed that they have a new spokesman for their Important Health Messages.

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09:33 pm - I guess this is goodbye, #31
I'd like to say that you were a good, loyal old molar. But actually, you were kind of a crappy tooth all along, the bad apple that spoiled the barrel. It's your fault that the lower right quadrant of my mouth ended up with 3 crowned teeth in a row while the other 29 were smugly perfect.  I probably shouldn't have held onto you as long as I did. But bad apple or not, you were MY bad apple. So when they tried to tell me that you just weren't worth saving, I went into denial and kept on enabling and enabling. "There's nothing really wrong with this tooth," I insisted. "It only hurts when I chew on it!"  But technically, that's what molars are for - chewing. And a molar that you can't chew on isn't much of a molar. So I finally gave in and had you extracted today. And the bright side of the mess you made of the neighborhood is: the crowned teeth on either side are ready and willing to support a bridge to replace you.

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September 16th, 2014

01:47 pm - Aardvark Abatement in progress!
There are horrible crashes, clangs, and grinding noises coming from the basement as the Aardvark Asbestos Abatement Company destroys our 100-year-old boiler. 

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September 5th, 2014

10:53 pm - I just wanted to say...
... that the season finale of Season 2 of "Orange is the New Black" is the best season finale ever made.

There may have been times during the season where I thought that plot lines, characters, themes were sort of running in place or even turning up blind alleys. But no. Nothing was running in place. Every episode, every apparent throwaway flashback or seeming non-sequitor, was going somewhere after all. So many characters, so many stories, and somehow all the storylines converged into one in the space of an hour without even seeming rushed, and everything that needed to happen...did. OMFG, what a great episode!

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04:43 pm - Creepy... cool ... creepy... cool .... creepy.
Google knows it is my birthday. Of course they do. What don't they know about me? But changing the Google logo to say "Happy Birthday, Sharon!" when I bring up the Google page?  No. That is not warm and friendly; it's just creepy. 

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August 24th, 2014

04:03 pm - HOBT is in trouble
I saw in the Strib that HOBT (Heart of the Beast Theater) is teetering on the verge of bankruptcy due to loss of some long-term grant money and devaluation of their theater building. If I read the article correctly, the entire staff, including the co-founder and director, has been laid off but are continuing to work as volunteers. They're trying to focus the resources they have left on 1) fulfilling ongoing commitments for community art projects in progress and 2) keeping Powderhorn May Day afloat.

I had stopped donating to them a few years ago (except for money in the bucket at May Day) because they simply would not understand that "anonymous donation" meant not pestering donors constantly for more money. But this is just too sad; I'll forgive them and give them another chance. They probably don't have enough staff left to make fund raising calls any more anyway. I just made a substantial donation online.  I hope those of you who have the means will do the same.
2013_5     2012_MayDayl_494    2011mayday_dodo15

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August 20th, 2014

10:53 pm - Latest TV discovery (yet another doomed little series)
Browsing through Amazon Prime video offerings I discovered a little gem called "Family Tree." It's an 8-episode mini-series by Christopher Guest (Spinal Tap, Waiting for Guffman, etc). The first episode was quirky and charming and I think I'll just go watch another. It's also available from Netflix, but only on DVD.

When I first enrolled in Amazon Prime there wasn't a lot available that wasn't also on Netflix streaming. But as the months roll by, I am seeing more and more Amazon Prime "exclusives." I may just have to keep it. 

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August 15th, 2014

11:39 pm - Matthew Mcconaughey fan?
Then don't miss Dallas Buyers' Club ( which I just watched). And if you haven't seen Matthew McConaughey since his '90's pretty boy roles (or ever), don't miss Magic Mike (the movie that introduced me to McConaughey, as he somehow managed to steal the show from the astonishing Channing Tatum).

This is why I still keep my Netflix DVD subscription. Wow. Great movie.

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August 7th, 2014

03:57 pm - Hooray!
My Minicon 50 registration check has finally been cashed. I can balance my checkbook again.

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